Employee Engagement – allocate some time for it

One of the concerns I have when speaking with small business owners is the lack of knowledge they have in relation to employee engagement across their company. Sometimes they are not aware what their managers (or HR departments) may actually be doing with regards to working with and developing their staff. It is easy to ignore this when you are busy and trying to keep your head above water. It is also easy to ignore employee engagement as the benefits are not necessarily visible in the financial results (at least not in the short run). However, one could argue that over the long run, ignoring this will  be detrimental to the health and success of your company. So what is one way to start to understand employee engagement across your organization?

In their Global Workforce Study, Towers Perrin identified the top 10 global drivers of employee engagement as:

  1. Senior management sincerely interested in employee well-being
  2. Improved my skills and capabilities over the last year
  3. Organization’s reputation for social responsibility
  4. Input into decision making in my department
  5. Organization quickly resolves customer concerns
  6. Set high personal standards
  7. Have excellent career advancement opportunities
  8. Enjoy challenging work assignments that broaden skills
  9. Good relationship with supervisor
  10. Organization encourages innovative thinking.
                                                                                                                                                                            If business owners don’t believe they can devote an appropriate amount of time to engage with employees, at least take some small steps to begin the process. It is not as important as to which driver you pick or how many drivers you pick, but find the ones that will have the most relevance for your company. Even if it is just one driver, start there and focus such that it is known that this is important to you and the company. If your supervisors already are engaged, work with them to decide where to best focus everyone’s efforts. Then build upon the process going forward. My experience would indicate that once you take an interest (no matter what level of engagement had been underway already), your managers and employees may very well pick up the ball and run faster. However, leadership starts from the top, so get engaged and your company will be better as a result.
 (Please go to towerperrin.com for more details on the study and other company information).

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