Apple and the need for one more “App”…

So 2012 is the year I finally moved into the world of Apple products. My first entree was getting an iphone, which my wife and I did early in the year.  While I had been happy with several iterations of Blackberrys’, it was easy to leave them given all their recent troubles, which continue to this day. The transition was easy and other than the fact that I have not yet fallen in love with “Siri”, it has been an excellent experience. My wife uses “Siri” all the time and at least now when I now am accused of not listening, I just tell her you must of been speaking with “Siri”! The best news of all is I really can get all my news, sports, weather,etc. through my my “Apps”. All in all a very good experience.

Several months back, my PC was having troubles (Outlook became corrupted was the beginning of the end) so I decided to move to an MacBook. I-Pads have their benefits (my wife loves hers’ and I even get to use it once in awhile) but the MacBook Air seemed a perfect fit. I also assumed that this transition would be just as easy as with the iphone. Well, not so quick.

Two months into the transition, I am still struggling. I have heard for years that apple computers were so intuitive and easy to use (and so much better than PC’s). They certainly look and feel a lot cooler but where is the backspace key? How do you shut down a program when you enter an endless loop (yes, it does happen). I had to online to Google to find a solution. Why does the i-chat box come every time I turn on the machine and I have not ever tried i-chat? When I started to experience things that needing sorting out, I clicked on “help” or “?” as I was sure Apple would have a better solution than a PC. Very surprisingly, my experiences were about the same as with the PC. These are just a few examples, but the good news is when I called the place where I bought the Mac, the person that sold it was incredibly helpful (not an Apple store but an authorized dealer).

So what does this all mean? Interestingly, over the last several weeks I have encountered 4-5 people who also have suffered through similar transition frustrations. Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but the folks I spoke to were certainly experienced with computers and not exactly in the old age category.

I have come to the conclusion that for people who have used PC’s for many years, there really needs to be a better road map to help with the transition to the world of Mac’s. Maybe there is even an “app” out there (have not found it as of yet) or one that could be created. Maybe, somebody will get motivated and potentially very rich…….

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