Month: December 2013

The Unofficial Organization Chart – how companies really work

While most companies generally have a traditional organization chart, all companies have an unofficial organization chart which really tells how the company operates. Understanding this will enable companies to grow and prosper, while those who don’t could find themselves in a downward cycle. Learn more by clicking on the link below.–oJ-&index=1

Selling your Business – when is the right time?

Exiting your business is a major life decision. Deciding when to sell can only be determined after a period of reflection that determines your emotional and mental readiness. Please click on the link below for a very short video introducing this topic.

The Exit Strategy Handbook – The BEST Guide for selling your business

All businesses should have an Exit Strategy. It does not matter whether you are thinking about leaving your business at this time or in the near future. This is all about having a plan for your eventual exit from your business and all business owners will leave someday. The Exit Strategy Handbook provides a road… Read more »