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7 Things Confident Leaders Don’t Do

| , Feb 25, 2013

In a world full of wannabe entrepreneurs and leaders, don’t try to be what you’re not.

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If you’ve been around long enough, you begin to realize that success is just as much about what you don’t do as what you do.…

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After You Sell, What’s Next?

| , Feb 13, 2013

You’re selling your small business for a reason, but your buyer may have other plans for you.


After carefully weighing your professional and personal goals, you’ve decided that it’s the right time for someone else to handle the herculean task of owning and operating your small business.…

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Is an Acquihire Right for You?

7 tips for start-up founders who are thinking about selling out–and becoming someone else’s employee

Not every start-up grows quickly. Sometimes there isn’t a market for your product, the cash reserves are dwindling, and you can’t raise more funding. For those of you who are absolutely determined to make your start-up work down to the last dollar, I salute you.…

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How to Create a Positive Attitude

| , Feb  4, 2013

A positive attitude is never automatic. You have to work at it! Here’s how to become a master of the mind.

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A positive attitude–optimism, expectancy, and enthusiasm–makes everything in business easier. A positive attitude boosts you up when you’re down and supercharges you when you’re already “on a roll.”

Here’s how to cultivate a positive attitude, regardless of what’s happening at work, based upon a conversation with Jeff Keller, author of the bestseller Attitude Is Everything:


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