Month: October 2012

Small Business outlook and Election impact

Attached below are excerpts taken from a recent article I saw in Inc. com. I believe the views from the survey are in line with what I am hearing from small business owners. I would add that irrespective of one’s political views as to who may win the election in November, one thing seems certain and… Read more »

Employee Engagement – allocate some time for it

One of the concerns I have when speaking with small business owners is the lack of knowledge they have in relation to employee engagement across their company. Sometimes they are not aware what their managers (or HR departments) may actually be doing with regards to working with and developing their staff. It is easy to… Read more »

Apple and the need for one more “App”…

So 2012 is the year I finally moved into the world of Apple products. My first entree was getting an iphone, which my wife and I did early in the year.  While I had been happy with several iterations of Blackberrys’, it was easy to leave them given all their recent troubles, which continue to… Read more »

Cape Cod, the Sharks and Seals – impact to the economy?

For the last several years, the sighting and tagging of sharks off the coast of Cape Cod has sparked enormous interest amongst visitors as well as residents who live in the area. The shark sightings have also attracted attention from all forms of media from traditional news organizations to social media. So is this good… Read more »