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So What Is It That You Do Again?

I often get asked by business owners, other business professionals and friends what do I do.  Below are some examples of what I have recently done for clients. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what benefits you can expect when working with B2B CFO®.

  1. Arranged for a $1.25 million line of credit and an additional $3 million in term debt from a non-traditional lender who replaced an incumbent traditional lender who would not add any further lending. 

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May 1Frank Armenio

Identifying Your Lifecycle Stage: Meeting Your Company’s Future Finance Needs

May 1Frank Armenio
View Point For City Below

Many companies tend to follow similar patterns as they adapt and change over time. The trajectory is known as the business lifecycle, and our consulting firm in Silicon Valley has identified four particular stages that companies typically move through from beginning to maturity. Knowing where a company lies along the lifecycle is critical for truly understanding its current and future finance needs.…

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May 1Frank Armenio

Disruption And The 5 Types of CFO’s

May 1Frank Armenio
Shadow Of A Hand

Starting with the old type of CFO who is focused on backwards looking financial reporting, control and compliance and how to keep up with regulation it is clear that this type of CFO won’t do you much good when facing disruptive forces in your industry. The only way this CFO will help you is if disruption comes from the legislative side via de-regulation or opening of new markets.…

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When Is Alternative Lending Good For Small Business?

Lending Spelled Out With Scrabble Tablets

The alternative lending industry is a hot topic among those involved in finance as well as small business owners seeking working capital. The expensive yet accessible loan products offered by alternative lenders promise quick cash with minimal legwork involved. While on the surface, this is no doubt appealing to small business, the downfall comes fast and hard after the paperwork is signed.…

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Top 5 Things All Successful Business Owners Do Regularly

Handprint Made Using Blue Paint

Running a successful business is no easy feat. Planning and projecting will only get you so far, and after a while, you’ll need to grow, learn and adapt in order to achieve continued success. In my years of starting and running a business, working with small business owners across the country, I’ve noticed a few things most successful business owners have in common.…

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