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The business lifecycle and finance: Starting out without flaming out

Every startup is its own unique opportunity, but so many are cut short. Few of them make it through the first stage of the business lifecycle when they start their engines. Their runway comes to an abrupt halt. The future becomes bleak and they have to fold up shop.

Proformative Digest (Written by Stephen Ambler)



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Predicting Your Company’s Financial Health with Balance Sheet Forecasting

rp_minds-pano_22579.jpgIn the past many financial professionals were reluctant to conduct balance sheet forecasting. The process was tedious and time consuming – especially if relying on spreadsheets – and further compounded by the knowledge that no matter the effort the forecast would never be 100 percent accurate.  The reality however is that forecasts are not about being “right” but about offering better insight into the future financial health of the organization.  …

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Making Better Decisions in Your Family Business

Young Family Starting A BusinessThe decisions facing business families can be gut wrenching – and the implications of these decisions can be huge both for the future of the family and also of the business: “Who should the next CEO be – my daughter or my son?” “Should we buy our cousin out of the business?” “Can non-family directors be trusted to make key decisions for our business?”…………….…

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So What Is It That You Do Again?

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I often get asked by business owners, other business professionals and friends what do I do.  Below are some examples of what I have recently done for clients. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what benefits you can expect when working with B2B CFO®.

  1. Arranged for a $1.25 million line of credit and an additional $3 million in term debt from a non-traditional lender who replaced an incumbent traditional lender who would not add any further lending. 

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May 1Frank Armenio

Identifying Your Lifecycle Stage: Meeting Your Company’s Future Finance Needs

May 1Frank Armenio
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Many companies tend to follow similar patterns as they adapt and change over time. The trajectory is known as the business lifecycle, and our consulting firm in Silicon Valley has identified four particular stages that companies typically move through from beginning to maturity. Knowing where a company lies along the lifecycle is critical for truly understanding its current and future finance needs.…

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